The Federation

Objective of WHF

  • To advocate on behalf of members and partners to appropriate bodies, and to address issues that impact the quality and development of worldwide hair industry.
  • To promote social intercourse and goodwill amongst its members, and to consider desirable schemes to protect the welfare of hair professions.
  • To prevent and to rectify issues tending to damage or prejudicially interfere with the hair industry.
  • To strengthen the public image of hair professions through promotion of sound ethics, standards, education, training and maintenance of highly skilled and professional client services.
  • To provide exposure opportunities for its members where possible.
  • To assess and issue accreditation to members or potential members of the hair professions, in order to improve the benchmarks and standards of this industry.
  • To represent the industry generally in relations to any dealings with other associations, federations or agencies, press or media of communication, and other parties having interest in this hair industry.
  • To provide information and professional advice to members that fit the conducts, rights and obligations benchmark of the hair professions.
  • To collect information and statistics of the industry that is useful to members of the Federation.